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“I know who I am, I am who I am…”


Yes, it’s me from the dick, dick, dick video, but I am so much more than that. I have been around these internet streets for a while now and I’m here to stay. For the last 15 years, I have been known as a creative and designer, my claim to fame has been my ability to brand literally anything. For this next phase of life I am interested in building my personal brand and sharing all of my talents. Now people know me for SEVN Beauty & ROOM SEVN which both projects that are near and dear to my heart. Over the next few years you will see me make waves in the beauty, fashion and interior design industries … hold on it’s going to be a wild ride.


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It is your duty to curate the life you want, by creating the experiences you need.



I am a South Carolina native, but I have traveled many places over the years. I like to think of myself a very well-rounded individual. I decided that in 2020 I would start being unapologetically me, and that means doing what I want, going where I want and not being afraid to break the mold that I had created for myself so many years ago. I curse a lot, it’s part of my brand because it’s who I am behind closed doors. The goal is to be extremely relatable and transparent. I don’t do uppity, I live a very relaxed life. I want to share that with the world. I hope you enjoy watching me on the road to becoming a lifestyle influencer, because I think that my life is pretty fucking dope. But, you be the judge…


During her career, she has been a digital designer, creative / art director for agencies and in-house creative teams in the retail industry. Creating content for packaging, CPG goods, email marketing systems for Hanes Brands Inc, curating social media content for Belk and so much more.


As a freelance creative director, she has worked within the entertainment, nightlife, fashion and beauty industries. Building strategic brand imagery, copy, and identities for startups and individuals. Her passion is turning visions into visuals.


Saudia is no stranger to makeup. She began dreaming of owning her own cosmetics line about 9 years ago. Over the years she has had her hand in multiple industries as an art director, brand strategist, photographer and for a short period of time a makeup artist. Her signature soft glam always consist of a uniquely blended lip from her collection of over 200 shades. She thought to herself one day, it’s time and she began her journey to opening SEVN™ Beauty Co®. She’s currently in the process of curating a wide range of lip care products as well as other beauty items that you will want to get your hands on.


This isn’t just a hobby or a way to make a quick buck, she has dedicated her life to creating beautiful spaces. From cozy living rooms to offices that make your clients do a double take, the goal of ROOM SEVN will always be to wow our clients and customers. Saudia Sakari, is a lover of all things beautiful. A creative to her soul, during her time as a creative director she has grown to love the art of decor. Her motto is, create art, curate life. And thats what we aim to do on a daily basis.