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Bitch, Do It Yourself…

Man listen over the last 6-7 months shit has been crazy for all of us, and while some of your are ok with going out and getting certain shit done, I AM NOT. I have made an effort to only leave my home when it is necessary, so that got me to thinking … while looking at my little baby hands with no nails, I was like hmmm. So I took to amazon and bought everything I needed to do my own damn nails. I just figured in the long run it would save me money all while learn a new skill. Granted, I am not Cuticle Picasso, but I am doing my best to stay my ass in the house.

The main reason I needed my nails done was because I needed a hand model, and we all know Saudia does as much as she can for herself. So why the fuck wouldn’t I do that shit too? Here are a few shots (unedited).


Again, I am still learning and figuring out how to maneuver. Working with different types of acrylic, polygel, etc. I am having fun being creative with nail art, the goal for me to is showcase my creativity in all aspects of my life, the DIY queen is coming soon!

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